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valley. 65 southern maryland. going up to 80 today. a gorgeous day ahead. >>> here's patranya bhoolsuwan with the first look at traffic. >> reporter: it is early in the morning and we already have a bad accident to tell you about at college park and cherry hill road. it is closed in both directions due to what appears to be a head-on collision. avoid that in college park if you can. >>> move to the outer and inner loop in maryland. right now we have construction on route 5 on the outer loop on route 23, there is something to watch for. look for the workers working  this morning. virginia i-66, good morning, moving to the city from 66 manassas from 495 looking good. beltway virginia from tysons corner to 270 and south of springfield no problems reported in both directions. and finally we move to 395. a live shot. there nice and quiet from duke to the 14th street bridge. that's a quick check on your commute. back to you. >>> today nine of the ten people accused of spying for russia are due in court. three are scheduled to make an appearance in a federal courtroom in alexandria, virginia
well. in potomac, maryland a water main break has the road closed. use river as the alternate. moving to the beltway on the outer loop in beltway, you are doing fine. inner loop watch for construction near the route 1 college park exit. we are tracking the trip 95 southbound. at 198 construction is taking away the left lane. 395 in virginia doing just fine. construction near seminary and one hour drive is what we are looking at out of fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. over to you. >>> right now, dc police are searching for clues in an overnight double shooting. it happened around 12:30 this morning in the 3500 block of 19th street southeast. police arrived to find two people suffering from gunshot wounds. one was said to be in grave condition. the second was believed to be in serious condition. >>> local utility companies are asking their customers to conserve electricity. this after a week of extreme heat has led to high demand for electricity. that intense demand in the underground tunnels fried 200 feet of cable. that knocked out power to hundreds of customers for days
on her body. >>> a potomac, maryland teen says she enticed a car salesman with sex in order to lead him down a math where her boyfriend hit and killed him with a shovel. that investigation came out as emily geller pleaded guilty to first-degree murder yesterday. she faces up to 25 years in prison for killing 57-year-old alley. >>> police need your help to find an accused child predator. officers believe a man resembling this sketch assaulted a 7-year-old girl on sunday. it happened in the 3600 block of columbia park in arlington. the girl was in the small play area outside of the business when a man pulled her in the play house and assaulted her. the mother was inside the laundromat when the incident happened. if you have seen this man or have any information about the crime, call police. >>> the washington redskins get back to work today as training camp starts this afternoon. while the off season was consumed with the albert haynesworth saga, the defensive tackle reported on time and he tried to make up with his teammates. >> reporter: on thursday, the curtain goes up on shanahan's fi
roads. on the outer loop in maryland, we move it outside. we are live from university but we want you to know at cherry hill we have roadwork on the side of the roadway. should be clearing in the next half hour or so. 270 the roadwork is set up going southbound at clopper road 117 and northbound at falls and muddy branch. that's a look at traffic. now, back to you. >> thank you, angie. >>> prince georges county police are asking for your help to find a robber. take a look. this is surveillance video from the sunoco gas station in the 6300 block of livingston road in oxon hill. if you are looking at the screen, you can see the man to the left of the screen in a white tank top. once the customer leaves, he pulls out a gun and demands cash from the employee. seconds later, more customers come in not knowing a crime had just taken place. if you have any information or recognize this man, call prince georges county police. >>> dc police made 36 arrests and seized $200,000 worth of drugs in a matter of 12 hours yesterday. it was part of operation sixth sense where officers target repeat vio
. cumberland 63. 75 in southern maryland. locally we have 64 reston, 66 laytonsville, columbia 68. people on the beach. i'm sure we will see them in a moment. washington 74. what we are looking at today is a hot day. temperatures by noon in the low 90s. upper 90s to locally 100 and code red air quality, the first time this year. that means ground level air will not be healthy. if you are outside, limit your time and do what you can to avoid creating extra pollution. >>> it is 4:30. patranya bhoolsuwan is in for angie this morning. >> happy monday you. some of you may just be heading home from celebrations overnight. if you know people getting home right now you may want to warn them about this. this is the outer loop at route 5. a crash is blocking three right lanes only the left lane is getting by. not much traffic yet but something to watch for this morning. moving on to the topside of the beltway from 95 to 270 we are seeing traffic out there. this is typical for a monday after the celebrations. maybe people getting home a little later but no big problems out there. moving to our graph
maryland. 95 to georgia you are all clear. 66 lanes are wide open out of manassas. and 395, just watch for that new traffic pattern crossing the 14th street bridge expect similar conditions yesterday. back to you. >>> dc's department of youth and rehabilitation services is undernew leadership this morning. mayor fenty has promoted the chief youth prosecutor to run the troubled agency. but as gary none berg tells us he may not keep the job for long. >> reporter: at the top of the list the march 30th drive by shooting of nine young people on south capitol street. the suspects had a history with, dyrs. and then in april the murder of brine, the suspect under the supervision of dyrs. last month dozens of polices were called in. mayor fenty got rid of the interim director in charge when that happened. >> the only down side to it it is long overdue. >> and replaced him with the chief youth prosecutor robert hilldom. >> he is without any question one of the foremost experts in juvenile affairs in the district of columbia the mother of rochelle jones killed in the drive by wants better managem
in maryland is the next stop. roadwork at river road near this exit. and finally northbound 95. looks like more construction at 212. southbound, clean and green, all clear. >>> today after some delay french-based keolis will assume all vre vre operations. it takes over for amtrak which had run vre for the last 18 years. they were scheduled to take control on june 28th but it was delayed due to staffing issues. 80 employees have been hired across the country. nearly all the previous vre conductors, engineers and maintenance staff decided to stay employed with amtrak. officials from the federal railroad administration will ride every vre train to ensure commuter safety. >>> british petroleum says it is making progress on a new effort yet to contain the gulf oil leak. a cap on top of the gusher is intended to provide a tight seal and may allow crews to capture all the oil leaking from the well but as tara mergener reports it may be days a way. >> reporter: oil is gushing unchecked from b.p.'s blown out well as engineers take a shot at containing the crude. over the weekend, underwater reboths
your way to powder mill. move to the outer loop and show you in maryland, no construction projects no major incidents to report between route 1 college park toward 270. virginia, virginia, we are tracking 66 for you. heading eastbound you are fine from manassas to inside the beltway. 395, also finding drivers at speed making their way from the springfield interchange though the 14th street bridge. call it a wrap inside the district. hello, northeast, early-morning drivers on income tax new york avenue, an incident free commute making your way to the third street tunnel. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> much of the eastern seaboard is in for another day of grueling temperatures. some places are expected to hit as high as 102 degrees, but as howard just mentioned the humidity will make it feel much hotter them heat is challenging the basic assumptions we make about the services we couldn't on to run our homes. gary tries to find out how the heat will affect our lives down the road. >> reporter: first the water main repair that forced the washington suburban sanitary commission la
at speed past duke street to the 14th street bridge. we want to move you to 270 and show you in maryland the roads are wide open from 121 to the split and inbound new york avenue drivers, you are looking at a nice quiet commute. if we switch the camera over i can show you volume light this morning in northeast dc. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we are beginning to get a better picture of the man prince georges county police say will be remembered as one of the most 0 notorious serial killers in our area's history. he worked a u.p.s. employee at the landover facility. gary has been wading through court documents to bring us more on the man from upper marlboro. thorps warehouse where he worked in landover was also where the feds say he met customers to sell stolen weapons out of the trunk of his car. one was a paid informant who reported weapons last year. police describe him as a opinion of interest in the killings of karen lofton and karissa. he lived with his parents within two miles of the victims and was known in his neighborhood as a brain yak and as someone accused of breaking in to
in pennsylvania. so a lot of reports of wind damage yesterday. southern maryland did much better. and so did dale city and fredericksburg. they didn't have the winds we had in the me immediate metro and points to the north. we will talk the temperatures. upper 70s at national to 70 in gaithersburg and columbia. 77 fairfax and ft. belvoir and brandywine and crofton at 73. much better day. sunny, less heat and humidity. high clouds around 90. hello, angie. >> good morning, howard. as you can imagine, when we have weather like this it will impact our traffic. take a look at an early morning accident. pretty bad here. new york avenue is closed at north capitol street in both directions as response crews try to clear the scene. we will keep you posted and let you know when things open up and stay posted to wusa9.com. meanwhile we will take it to the maps and show you we have a fallen tree reported in maryland. 410 is closed between cypress and glendale. and then we have wires down that we have been watching. this is 212. taking you to beltsville. going southbound on u.s. 1 at southern drive is where w
maryland, northern virginia we have lower 50s as well and even locally over to reston, 53, sterling and great falls 55 degrees. andrews is 59. 63 columbia and 62 ft. belvoir. arlington 61. a great day. a lot of sunshine. if you are going to be outside, use the spf factor because you can burn easily this time of the year. high temperatures below average in the lower 80s. that's going to change by sunday. patranya bhoolsuwan, how's it looking? >> good morning. i wish i could say it is quiet out there. just 4:30 but we have some accidents to tell you about if you are heading out early to work or to get out of town this early friday morning. on 495 in virginia, we have an accident here at van doren inner loop. two lanes are taken away for drivers. it will be slow between eisenhower and the mixing bowl. on 95, look at this, a lot of traffic. drivers have been telling us it has been slow most of last night and in to this morning and two accidents to add to this, 6444 -- 644 and backlick. with want to tell you about road closures in dc. we will tell you more about that in the next hit. >>>
metropolitan area, southern maryland, northern virginia we are all in a heat advisory. temperatures in the upper 70s here in town. some spots in the upper 60s but up and down the east and even in ohio in the 70s to near 80 to toledo. 69 laytonsville and reston you have cooled more than anyone 68 degrees. we will be in the mid-80s by 9:00. low 90s at lunchtime with a high in the upper 90s, locally near 100 and heat index value around 105. take it easy and stay cool. >>> hope you are off to a great friday. glad the weekend is upon us. let's talk about a lot of construction outside. particularly chain bridge road. closed in both directions at though beltway. going to be like that the next half hour our so. as you move to 95 northbound, i want to show you the lanes are moving, wide open from fredericksburg past lorton to the mixing bowl. if you are continuing to 395, drivers are moving at speed from the beltway past duke street to the 14th street bridge. on the map, you saw construction on 270. taking it out there. lanes are wide open. moving smoothly past 109 but the off ramps are clos
, an isolated shower, in southern maryland, 70s and 80s and light winds. not as hot but still shot. a few thunderstorms and around 95 degrees. that is better than 102. muggy with a passing shower and storm. it is still 80 on the bay from lou anne in annapolis. easton is 73. that's cooler than winchester 75. they were 101 yesterday. 80 in orange and fredericksburg and here a toasty 83 with a heat index of 88 thanks to the dew point which is up to 71 degrees. it is more humid today. thanks to all the moisture off the atlantic. the ridge, which has been over us the last three days, is shifting to the southeastern u.s. and this area of low pressure. this is not a surface low, so don't get excited about the tropical nature of it but it is inching toward us. this area of high pressure is shifting to our south and west and allows the moisture to return. you can see the showers along the coast. again we have had a couple across charles county, st. mary's county and northern neck of virginia. we will watch the area move to the east. a front to the west will help us out big time on saturday. as we
poll shows the maryland governor's race is a dead heat. it was released this morning by gonzalez research and marketing strategies. according to the >>> in the news now, a franklin county man will only spend a year in jail for shooting and killing a college student. he pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter, trespassing and two weapons charges. prosecutors say last november he mistook jessica goode and regis berne for deer near the campus. goode died after being shot in the chest. the judge sentenced him to eight years and suspended all but one year. >>> two rocky mountain virginia firefighters are dead after they got in to an accident in their fire truck. it happened on monday. the truck was on the way to a house fire in pen hook when it hit an suv and rolled over before landing on top of another car. no one else was hurt in the crash. the cause is under investigation. >>> b.p. says tony hayward will step down as ceo on october 1st. the oil company said the decision was made by mutual agreement. hayward will remain on the board until november and be replaced by bob dudley.
weather in orange, fredericksburg 78. 78 national, southern maryland. the increased humidity not allowing the temperatures to drop off. low 80s by 9:00. 9:00 upper 80s by lunchtime and low 90s to maybe 95 with a chance of a shower or storm this afternoon. better chances tomorrow. more on that in 14 minutes. right now approaching 4:31. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >>> good morning. we already have a problem as you can see on the south side of the beltway. this is the inner loop at van doren. all lanes are closed at this hour because of an accident down there. right now backed up to route 1. we have the outer loop closed two lanes because of this crash as they try to clean this up. avoid the south side of the capital beltway if you can. switch over to better news in virginia. this is 395 northbound. all looking good to the 14th street bridge. no problems out there. as we switch over to 66, right now looking good, as well. travel lanes are open toward 495. in montgomery couldn't, we need to tell you a lot of traffic lights are out this morning. be aware of that. police are directing traffic a
are doing just fine. our next stop, a clear commute out of mannassas. in maryland, we are watching an accident investigation. this is on pennsylvania avenue approaching the capital beltway. drivers out there way are still losing one lane. outer loop in maryland, so far so good over to 270 and finally, we want to keep you updated on the downed tree. 396 is still closed at little falls parkway. remember, you can always connect with me on facebook and twitter, i can hook you up with a personized traffic report. >> >>> dc council is moving forward with plans to bring street cars back to the city. the motion prohibits lines along pennsylvania avenue between capital hill and the white house. >>> arlington county board approved more than $32 million to improve accessibility and safety at the station. construction on the new entrance, new elevators and americansy evacuation stairwell are expected to begin this fall. >>> tests for elementary students in dc public schools dropped in both math and reading, ending two straight years of increases. scores for both middle and high schools were up
to 9 news now. rip tides caused by recent storms are keeping life guards busy on maryland and delaware beaches. the ocean city beach patrol says in the past week they have helped more than 600 swimmers in distress. on fenwick island, life guards made 40 rescues in the past three days. >>> researchers hope a new study will help to better understand mike low organisms in the chesapeake bay. federal funding for the university of maryland center for environmental science study is expected to be announced today. the microorganism study will be the first of its kind. it will help researchers understand the environment in which crab, oysters, crab and key species live. it is expected to lead to healthier and productive fisheries. >>> is your favorite dc restaurant really as clean as it looks? now you can find out before you make a reservation. dc health officials are putting all restaurant health inspection notices on-line. it lists all country inspections and those for the past three years. restaurants can be searched by name, owners ' name or zip code. they conduct 5,000 inspections each ye
are in the 70s, mid-70s right now. 76 reagan national and baltimore. 75 in southern maryland. easton 75. same with easton and culpeper. 80 degrees at 9:00, could be a sprinkle and this afternoon a few thunderstorms and highs between 90 and 95 with the drive home temperature 93 degrees. angie has too much to tell you at this hour. >> too much too early. we will get to at this time. it is all stuff you need to know. it is in the silver hill area. northbound silver hill road, blocked all lanes at route 4. take brooks drive over to route 4. so you have an alternate. can't access the ramp to 29 colesville road. notice here at university we have police activity on the shoulder taking away the right lane. route 7, route 50, braddock you are okay. same on 395 northbound. it is crossing the 14th street bridge you want to watch for the traffic pattern. one hour drive is what we are tracking from 95 northbound from fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with a developing story we have been following all morning long. a los angeles-bound plane that took off
are down in the 60s and 50sin the mountains while we sit at 74 and a stickier 77 down in southern maryland. the 75 degrees with sunshine at 9:00, lower humidity levels today. 82 for lunchtime and a high of 7. a gorgeous july day ahead. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> goodgood morning, howard and everybody. liking the nice weather out there. first we have to get through the morning commute. we had an accident at montgomery county route 29, closed in both directions. the icon disappeared but it might be out there so watch out in that direction of montgomery county. head to the outer loop of the capital beltway from 95 to 270, everybody is at speed and no problems to report out here. chevy chase, we have traffic lights out. we don't have that icon either but it is supposed to be in this area, connecticut at east- west highway in chevy chase. most of the traffic light problems in montgomery county have been fixed but now we have this intersection now. 395, from 495 to the 14th street bridge, everyone is moving well without any incidents and everyone looks in good shape. good road conditions as well. >
on chevy chase maryland. it has the road closed in both directions between connecticut and joans hill road. this could be affecting traffic lights in the area as well. please use caution. drives doing just past making the way past 121. should billion clearing in the next 13 to 15 minutes. 95 and the bw parkway out of baltimore nice clear commute. finally, let's end with a slot of inbound new york avenue. no problems to report out through northeast. that's the traffic. back the you. >>> we may never really know what happened aboard a duck boat in philadelphia. a crew member being questioned in the deadly accident is pleading the fifth. he is now refusing to talk to federal investigators. the duck boats crew radio a distressed call which received no response. other people on network vessels say they heard the calls. the collision forced 37 people into the river killing two of them. >>> a new report shows former governor bob erlic pushing out the other. this is still within the margin of error but shows it's a very tight race. merchandise already leads the nation with the percentage of studen
of more of the standing water. outer loop in maryland, smooth ride from 95-270. this just in, police activity to keep an eye out for on randolph road. the road is closed. notice they are trying to direct traffic out of the way. this is near the intersection where randolph meets the drive. >> the debate over trolley cars in the district has cleared a major hurdle. yesterday, the dc council approved a measure allowing overhead trolley wires to be put up in certain sections of the northeast. the temporary measure prohibits overhead wires to be put ill over up over the national mall. >>> county board of supervisors has rezoned 335-acres for the village center. the new project, located near the intersection of 7 and 28 will include hundreds of residential units, office and retail space. two hotels, a performing arts center and a fire station. some residents are concerned about the project as impact on traffic. >>> taking a look at this morning's "living well" headlines, the white house has unveiled their new hiv/aids strategy. the plan is toe -- to -- >>> later today, fda advisory commit
in maryland, from 95 to 280, finding drivers are moving at speed. route 4, 5 and 301, i want you to know we don't anticipate problems on those roadways and moving in to dc, south capitol street and the suitland parkway, notice we have lanes wide open. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. >>> as howard said, today is expected to be another triple digit temperature day along the entire east coast. yesterday's extreme highs led to several problems across our region. several of you were left to face the heat and humidity inside of your homes because of widespread power outages. right now, more than 3200 pepco customers still have no power. the company says the high demand for power led to the outages. >>> and the heat led to several problems on trains if the northeast and mid-atlantic. the worst problem, it involved a new jersey-bound train which stranded 1500 passengers for 25 minutes when it lost power. the crew restored power long enough to get the train in the station and passengers were put aboard other trains. amtrak had 15 minute delays between baltimore and washington because two commuter
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